Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Surprise, surprise... behind again!
By 2 months... I'm pretty sure that's a record!
On a good note, after starting my new photography business in October, work has been booming!  I could have never imagined I would receive so much interest in my work right from the start & it only got busier into November & December taking holiday photos.
I am so grateful that people who didn't know me gave me a shot & such a warm welcome to the area!
The downside to being so busy editing photos for everyone else, I don't have time to edit photos for myself. :(
So, here we are... half way into December & I'm all caught up on holiday photo shoots with a little down time until I have to edit client photos again.
Let's take a stroll down memory lane....

Back in October, Brad's family had a weekend off, so they made the drive to Dallas!  It was so great to see them for the short weekend.
We considered going to the pumpkin patch with the kids, but decided to stick around the area & took them to the park to soak in some sunshine and get some energy out!
They all took turns swinging while the Daddies pushed,
Norah & Presley hung from the slide,
Britton played & chatted with the neighbor kids while chasing bubbles while Cooper was the captain of the ship.
And Maddox, he was his silly, energetic self!
Tre, though... he seemed to have grown up overnight.  He climbed & played, but he is just so much more mature than he was even the last time I saw him.  Where did that little boy go??

The weekend flew by!
We ate Jimmy John's & watched Pippi Longstocking.
Jenni remembered every word to every song from that movie!!
We had one of our worst thunderstorms, yet, here in this house which sent us Mommas running to snuggle with the kiddos in the middle of the night to calm them down.
But, all in all, we had a lot of fun!
It's great spending time with Brad's family.
I can probably count on one hand how many times we got to visit with them since Tre was born.
If somebody told me 10 years ago that we would all end up in Texas someday, I would have laughed it off!
But, here we are & we're taking advantage of every moment we can while we're here!

Monday, November 17, 2014

10.26.14 {Our Halloween 2014)

Halloween came rather quickly for me this year.  I couldn't find the motivation to make Norah's Halloween costume being that the temperature was averaging in the high 70's through the end of October.
So, I decided, last minute, that I better put something together quickly, or we were heading out to Target to buy a costume.
The quickest, simplest, cutest thing I could come up with {that I already had most of the materials for} was a Sock Hop girl.
I whipped this bad boy together 2 hours before we had to walk out the door for our neighborhood Trunk or Treat.

This was our first Trunk or Treat experience ever!  They aren't popular in the north.  I had never even heard of them until my Sister-in-Law moved to Texas.
Brad would be traveling for Halloween, so we decided to sneak in some festivities before he left.  It was a small event, but plenty big for Norah.  They had a haunted hay ride that we opted not to go on since she didn't take to the masked people very well.
So, we collected a little candy and headed home.  It was a quiet night, but I'm so glad there were events before Trick or Treating that we could do as a family.

On Halloween night my friend came over with her newborn to walk around the development with us.
I burned dinner after being distracted with fun conversation, so we ordered Chinese food, got the girls in their Halloween costumes, & finally got out the door at 8pm {just in time for Norah's bedtime}.  She was too excited to sleep, though, once she saw all of that candy.  
It finally cooled down & felt like Halloween here.  Most of the porch lights were out by the time we started, but in the 10 or so homes we made it to, Norah made out like a bandit!  We still have candy to last us a few months.  So many of the ladies oohed and ahhed over Norah & how adorable she was!!  She loved it!
We steered clear of anyone in scary masks & by the last 3 homes Norah's tired legs wanted to be carried, so this preggo mama was ready to go home!
It was a wonderful Halloween & I'm so glad to have friends to spend the evening with when our hubbies can't be there with us!

Monday, November 3, 2014

09.02.14 & 10.13.14

So, I started my own photography business last month.  I have been loving it & have been oh-so-busy editing the family photos from the sessions!
It makes it difficult to spend the down time editing photos of Norah, because honestly, I would much rather be playing with her & creating memories than editing them.

Norah has grown so much!  She loves to sit on my lap & snuggle under the blankets {especially now that the days are getting cooler... Fall has finally hit Texas!!!}.

She says "Sorry" a lot... which she doesn't really mean because whatever it is she is sorry for, she continues to do as she's giggling & pleading for your forgiveness.

She doesn't understand the meaning of "in a minute" or "one second" because she will constantly ask the same thing over and over again if that is your response.

She LOVES to dance!!  But, never solo!  She is a full on waltzer who needs a partner!

She just started saying "Hi!  I'm Me!" last night {11.2.14}.  Neither Brad, nor myself, know where she picked that up, but it's so cute!!!

Our friend came to visit with her one month old & now Norah is obsessed with babies.
We try to explain to her that there is a baby in Mommy's belly, but she looks at us like we belong in the looney bin.
We also tell her she's getting a baby for her birthday!  I'm not sure she fully understands what that means.
She thinks she's old enough to hold our friend's real life baby, but we give her a baby doll to care for instead... she'll get plenty of practice with her little brother or sister.

She loves to ask us if we're "ok" after we cough or sneeze & LOVES to kiss our boo boos.

And she loves to dress up!!
She usually goes for Doc McStuffins, but Ana from Frozen & Sofia the First are big hits, too.  I love capturing her giving Stitch a check-up!



Norah has recently reached the jumping on the bed phase.  It terrifies me... I envision bruises and busted out teeth when she's in her little toddler bed, but I can handle the jumping on our big king sized bed a little better.  And boy does she love our bed!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Today is a tough day for me and our family.
Nine years ago I was in PA, holding my mom's hand as she took her last breath.
She had fought a long battle with lymphoma & she fought hard, but God had a bigger plan.
I know she watches over us frequently.
She is often times in my dreams & I love the nights when I can see her face again & talk with her.  I know she's close by!
When she passed, there were two things that weighed heaviest on my heart...

1) She wouldn't be there to see us get married.


2) She wouldn't meet our children.

But, as time went by, and we found ourselves on a beach in Jamaica exchanging our vows, I knew she was right there with us.

When Norah was born, I knew her Nina hand picked her!  Gosh, my mom would just LOVE her!  She reminds me of my mom so often & I love those little reminders!

And today, I know she's in heaven, smiling down on us because we have big news....

Norah's going to be a big sister!!
She is oh-so-excited for the baby to arrive in April!  What a wonderful birthday present to her!!
And, as much as I don't think she really gets the fact that she's going to be a big sister, she certainly has become my baby all over again.  She wants to be rocked while we sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star at bed time & she snuggles just that much more!
But, she is going to be a great big sister & we are so excited to add another sweet baby to the family!

I know my mom will continue to be there with us & watching over us.  She is an amazing mom & Nina to us all & we certainly do miss her!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Brad turned the big 3-0 this year!!
Finally, I'm not the old lady in the house... Brad has now joined me over the hill! 
I was a really bad wife this year & didn't give him the big hoorah that he deserved for his 30th, but I tried to make up for it a few days later with a trip to the science museum in Dallas.
We had a great time as a family & I'm not sure who had the most fun with all of the hands on activities!  

There was even a kid's room for Norah &, honestly, we could have spent ALL day in there!  She met a boy & then ditched him as soon as he gave up the wheel of the truck {her Daddy is teaching her well}!

Brad loved the wall that moved when you moved, he raced against cheetahs, dinosaurs, & football players, he played music with Norah in the hallway by jumping on "magic" dots, & even played meteorologist!

 {anyone else see my mom in ^^ this ^^ picture??}